This course is for staff who have responsibility to lead online safety within a school/college.

Welcome to the main Online Safety Leads course. You have 12 months access from the date your account was created. It is recommended you complete the modules in order but you don’t have to, you can complete in any order you like and you can view any of the modules as many times as you wish within your 12 month period.

Course Curriculum

OSL – Introduction 00:05:00
OSL – Defining Online Safety 00:07:00
OSL – National Picture 00:05:00
OSL – Risky Behaviour 00:05:00
OSL – Content Contact Conduct 00:08:00
OSL – Gaming 00:10:00
OSL – YouTube 00:07:00
OSL – Social Media 00:11:00
OSL – Safe or Unsafe 00:08:00
OSL – Online Disinhibition 00:08:00
OSL – Cyber Trauma 00:15:00
OSL – Reporting Routes 00:12:00
OSL – Curriculum Planning 00:09:00
OSL – Risk Assessing 00:10:00
OSL – Parent Engagement 00:11:00
OSL – Keeping Up To Date 00:10:00
OSL – Putting It All Together 00:04:00
OSL – Course Wrap-Up 00:01:00
  • 1 year


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