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Bullying – Monica Lewinsky

When it comes to bullying, you may not put the words ‘bullying’ and ‘Monica Lewinsky’ together. If you’ve been around …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan MackenzieSeptember 18, 2016

Sexting Guidance

There has been huge media focus on sexting of late about the numbers of children and young people being involved …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan MackenzieSeptember 4, 2016

YouTube for Kids

Many parents have understandable concerns with their children accessing the native YouTube site or app. In large part this is …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan MackenzieAugust 29, 2016

Reverse Image Search

Online safety incorporates many different skills allowing children and young people to think critically about what they are seeing or …Read More

Profile PhotoAlan MackenzieAugust 29, 2016


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