Hello, I’m Alan Mackenzie.

I have specialised in online safety for many years working directly in schools all over England and elsewhere and quite often, during staff training, some members of staff weren't able to attend. This was the original reason for this site; staff who couldn't attend could at least complete online training.

After that, it became clear that more schools wanted a way of keeping themselves up to date, but not be tied in with expensive consultancy costs or specific training dates, so I started to sell the courses at very low cost. This isn't a business venture, it's just a way of meeting a need in a way that is cost effective.

Online safety is a passion of mine, I live and breathe it, and every week I'm in schools talking with the children, the staff, the parents and governors about it. That's the experience I bring to these online safety courses.

I became a CEOP Ambassador way back in 2007, which was a great starting point, but there is far more to online safety.  The world is changing, behaviours are evolving, technology is diversifying at an extraordinary rate and the use of technology by children is growing massively.  Whilst online safety is predominantly about safeguarding, the wider aspects of online safety are really starting to come to the fore which take into account more emotional and behavioural aspects of using technology.

All the things that children are doing such as gaming, YouTube and social media, I do them too, and I enjoy them all. This means that I get to experience a lot of what they experience, and that's where I specialise. 

I am an associate member of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) and I also partner with others who share the same ethos as me in order to spread the word that online safety is something that can be positive and empowering, not scary.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all.

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